CA/DR Architects

We are an international firm of architecture, design, landscape design
and fabrication based in Lisbon.
We create buildings, landscapes and objects. We design from human experience, we are not fixed to styles or trends, we focus in problem solving and the challenges of creating new solutions, our ambition is innovation. This concept forms the foundations of our studio.
Our clients are vital, they initiate the journey with each project and allow us to challenge our thinking, together we search for new opportunities and always respond creatively, our resourcefulness pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with each client.
In the current environmental context, our philosophy is - design must respond to the environmental challenges with an insightful strategy to create affordable, sustainable and buildable projects. Our team are experts that look at the relationships between making and materials, from conception to execution we question the impact our work.


Rua Tenente Valadim No.6 B
1350-319 Lisboa

Telefone: +351 916 778 817


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